W+K Tokyo



Through this campaign, we wanted people to know the truth of Sapporo: that the company is made up of passionate people who are committed to making the best possible beer for their customers.

“Tsukurushikanai!” became our campaign’s rallying cry. The phrase, which means “you just have to make it!” was inspired by events 130 years ago, when Sapporo’s founders were so inspired by the beer they tasted on a trip to Germany that they set out on a mission to make equally good beer in Japan.

The creative articulation of that idea came to life in the campaign’s centerpiece: a Broadway musical style 2-minute film which stars a highly talented cast of Sapporo employees (6 barley/hop farmers from Hokkaido and 53 other Sapporo employees from around the nation.) All of the dancing and singing was performed by employees and the commercial was shot in just one take on one massive stage with painted backdrops. The spot aired on the highly rated Hakone Marathon on January 2nd, 2007, and was rated the #1 most likeable ad that month by CM Databank.


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