W+K Tokyo


To help promote Nike’s new AW77 hoodie to Nike’s young, style conscious target, we held an event that mashed up Fashion x Music x Running x Technology.

Collaborating with Dommune, the web-based music Ustream channel, we created our own customized Nike channel at Dommune’s studio from 7PM to midnight on the night of the event. Viewers were able to watch DJ’s spinning at Dommune, and tune in to a live nighttime running event. Runners gathered at Nike Harajuku and ran to the Dommune studio where they joined the live talk session with Nike Sportswear global icons, DEXPISTOLS. Runners also ran the Tokyo street listening to DEXPISTOLS’ live DJ play and their runs were broadcasted live on the Dommune switch screens. The event attracted a record 35,324 viewers for that night on Ustream and received rave reviews from Dommune’s hard core music viewers who tweeted how “amazing,” “unthinkable,” and “mind blowing” the music x running live mash up approach was.
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