W+K Tokyo


We set out to feature athletes from across Japan and capture moments of New Beginnings. The kind of moments when athletes get a new chance or a fresh start. Sports are full of these instances.

We want to showcase the inspiration of sport to give us all new opportunities. No matter what happened yesterday, each day symbolizes a new beginning to us all. Every day we get the chance to be the best version of ourselves. Nike New Beginnings is a film about athletes who believe in starting again. They take advantage of every new opportunity and use each chance to its fullest. They do what they enjoy and push themselves forward. This is the power of sport.

“New Beginnings”は、スポーツの力を信じるアスリートたちの物語。彼らは勝つためのすべてにどん欲で、どんなチャンスもフルに生かしきろうとする。じぶんの心が望むままに、前へ突き進む。まさにそれがスポーツの力なのだ。

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