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Nike | Just Do It. 2016 #Minohodoshirazu


Fate isn't real.
It's just a made up word to prove that 'nothing can be done.'
The truth is, we are all born with unlimited potential.
But somewhere along the way,
We forget what we're capable of.
And stick to what's safe.
We start saying things like:
'I can't do that.'
Or 'I don't want to embarrass myself.'
These are all lies we tell ourselves.
Even if you play sports in school,
You might be playing by someone else's rules.
Now is time to tear up the rulebook.
Don't think. Just do.
Take up a new sport.
Challenge anyone.
Let yourself be a rookie again.
Run farther than you ever imagined.
Step into the spotlight and show yourself to the world.
And unlimit your every limit.


The phrase "Minohodoshirazu" is typically used as an insult directed at people who are seen as overly ambitious. However, Nike believes that "not knowing your place" and not placing limits on yourself, is an ideal mindset for athletes. By combining the idea of "Minohodoshirazu" with "Japanese athletes challenging their limits," we wanted to give the phrase a surprising, positive meaning.

We hope to inspire Japanese youth with Nike's JUST DO IT. spirit by giving them an opportunity to reevaluate and redefine the phrase "Minohodoshirazu."

「身の程知らず」は、日頃ネガティブな意味合いで使われている言葉です。しかし、自分の限界を自分で決めつけない、すなわち「身の程を知らない」ことは、ナイキが考えるアスリートのあるべき姿でもあります。このJUST DO IT.キャンペーンでは、「自分の限界に挑み続ける日本のアスリートたちの姿」と「身の程知らずという言葉」を組み合わせることで、新たに、ポジティブな「身の程知らず」像を映し出し、日本の若い世代にJUST DO IT.のインスピレーションを送ることが目指しました。

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