W+K Tokyo

Nike | Night Racers


Every start line is a green light. Every race is another record to beat. It’s a time to lace up and buckle up. Japan, start your engines. You’re a Night Racer.

After midnight in Tokyo, one quiet street is dominated by the street racers. In an underground, high stake race that gets hearts beating and feet stomping, these races push themselves to the limit. Because when you’re this fast, your not just a runner. You’re a Night Racer.

W+K Tokyo created a film “Night Racers” for Nike’s campaign “So Fast”.
To build up the hype around the Nike Zoom Elite 8, Nike Japan took to the streets of Japan. Tokyo racers are invited to create their own world of street racing and push their boundaries of fast.


ナイキジャパンのキャンペーン「So Fast」のキャンペーンフィルム「ナイトレーサー」を企画制作しました。スピードを跳ね上げるシューズ「Nike Zoom Elite 8」の機能を体現すべく、フィルムでは、東京のランナーたちが速さだけで競い合う、最速至上主義のナイトレースの世界を創造しました。

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