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NIKE | Re:Run

The story of 3 women who gave up, and then gave up giving up, to make it through the finish line.

Every year on March 8th, about 18,000 runners finish the Nagoya Women’s Marathon. But every year, there are many women who don’t finish. NIKE reached out to thousands of Japanese women and selected 3 women, NAO, NATSUMI and KANA who once gave up but decided to stop giving up, to prove themselves, to put the past behind them and take on the challenges that lie ahead.

The documentary film series”Re:RUN”celebrates the transformative journeys of 3 women who made it through the finish line to determine their own destinies.

ドキュメンタリーフィルムシリーズ「Re: RUN」は、約2ヶ月間にわたるトレーニングとフルマラソン完走という経験を通し、過去にリタイアした地点を乗り越え、理想のジブンに変化していく3人のストーリーを伝えます。

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