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Oronine | Fuyu no te Soshi

Hands starting to dry in November.
Busy hands in December.
First frostbite in January.
Chapped skin in February.
Oronine’s new 50g tube container
will support hands working hard each winter month.
Don’t give in, winter hands.

The commercial depicts a 50g tube of Oronine caring for hard-working winter hands. This “Fuyu no te Soshi” brings all the musings and common observations of winter hands, told through the style of “Makura no Soshi” (The Pillow Book – a collection of observations recorded by Japanese court lady Sei Shonagon).

The unpleasantness of dry hands catching on clothes, the fear of hitting chapped hands on a furniture corner, feeling bad about touching your child’s delicate skin, etc. Winter hands tend to become timid, but it’s also proof that they are hard-working hands. The aim of this spot is to cheer and support these winter hands, so they can enjoy winter to their heart’s content. The films portraying a typical day in November, December, January and February, will air on TV, train visions and on social channels.

50g 新おうちチューブのオロナインが、応援します。



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