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It’s the third year for W+K Tokyo to work with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals for the brand that’s found in almost every medecine cabinet in Japan.

Your hands don’t have any feelings. A hand is just a hand. But what if your hands had feelings? What are your hands thinking while you put them to work each day? We drew a face on one finger to provoke that question. If you realize that your hands work pretty hard, then that means as the owner of those hands, you probably work quite hard too. Before you go to bed, look after your hands and yourself by using Oronine H Ointment.

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「手」に気持ちなどあるはずがありません。手は手でしかないのですから。でももし、手に気持ちがあるとしたら?日々のたいへんな仕事に「手」は何を思うでしょうか? CMを見た人にそんな空想をふくらませてもらおうと、手に顔を描いてみました。


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