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A “playface” is that face you make when you’re playing video games and concentrating so hard that you don’t even realize the kind of expressions you’re making. Everyone has one, and each is unique.

Our campaign to launch the updated PS3 shows a cross section of those playfaces displaying a range of emotions, promising that with PlayStation “your heart will move more.” The campaign site featured a collection of playfaces captured by the Playface Caravan, a series of events touring Japan in which players could demo the new PS3 while having their face captured in 360 degrees by a series of 20 cameras simultaneously.

Participants could enter their face into the Playface Derby and compete to earn points. At the end of the campaign, Japan’s top ranked playface won PlayStation games for life, and those who bet on the winner split 10,000,000 yen worth of points for free downloads from PSN.

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