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TSUBAKI | Good hair pushes your back to move forward

March 2018—Shiseido’s TSUBAKI launches a fully renewed brand communication to accompany renewal of its products.

In 2006, Shiseido launched the TSUBAKI haircare line with the phrase “Japanese women are beautiful” to praise the beauty of Japanese women. However, environment surrounding women has changed significantly over the last 12 years. There has been increased attention to potentials of women in various areas, as well as diversification of ways of life and the definition of beauty. With these changes, TSUBAKI’s idea of beauty has also progressed to “beauty is not about outer validation, but confidence that springs out from within.”

TSUBAKI’s new message is, “Good hair pushes your back to move forward.”

The new brand communication does not hero ‘someone,’ it heroes women’s ‘hair’ and sheds light on the value of hair for women. The 60’ and 15’ spots, as well as the storefront visuals, express the message that good beautiful hair shouldn’t be considered as burden or troublesome in your busy everyday life, but rather, something that makes you positive and confident.





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