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Stella Artois Korea ‘Become an icon’


Often in their careers and lives, Korean women often hear phrases such as “포기하면 편해”, meaning “it’s easier to give up”. This campaign, “Become an icon”, celebrates the ambition of those women who know that anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy.

The campaign ambassadors are iconic women who for the last 20 years have been unstoppable in the pursuit of their careers and passions. Actress Seo Hyung Kim, musician and mother Yoon Ah Kim, and pioneer comedy and content creator Song Eun Yi, feature across the anthem assets and bring their own personal stories to life in the OOH and digital content surrounding the campaign.

The campaign started in early May 2019 with key visuals in outdoor media across central Seoul and will be fully launching with an anthemic film and digital media from May 15th. The film recognizes and celebrates the harrowing journey of Korean women with a fresh female rendition of the well-known 90’s ballad “You can do it”, originally sung by folk legend Kang Saneh. It launches on TV, Cinema, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & other digital platforms.

本キャンペーン 'Become an icon'は、女性たちの内に秘めた野心を祝福し、価値あるものを掴み取るまでの道のりは簡単ではないということをコンセプトに制作されました。
キャンペーンアイコンには、過去20年のあいだ韓国でキャリアへの情熱の炎を絶やさず取り組み続けてきた女性を起用。女優のSeo Hyung Kim、ミュージシャンと母の両方の顔を持つYoon Ah Kim、そしてコメディアンとコンテンツメイカーのパイオニアであるSong Eun Yiが選ばれました。
フォークレジェンドのKang Sanehによって歌われていた90年代の韓国の国民的バラード "You can do it”を女性アイコンをカバーしたことは、国内でも話題になりました。

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