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TYPE | Din Futura

Choose your glasses like selecting a typeface: typography-inspired eyewear brand TYPE, the new models “Din” and “Futura” joining the TYPE lineup.

As the choice of typeface affects expression in written communication, subtle design differences in eyeglasses frames change the impression of the person who wears them. Our glasses brand, TYPE, was inspired by the similarities between the function and design of typefaces and glasses. Each pair is handcrafted in Sabae city, known as the home of Japanese eyewear craftsmanship.

The typeface Din was created for use in industrial and technical applications in Germany, and is characterized by its straight lines and narrow design. Din is now used widely for a variety of purposes across the world. We reflected the typeface’s neutral yet sophisticated impression on the design and created glasses that can be worn on a daily basis. The typeface Futura is characterized by its rounded geometry, and is used in widely in logo design and by many brands. We examined its modern and efficient features to create the glasses “Futura”.



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